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Upcoming Talks
I plan to speak at the Society for Historical Archaeology and Society for American Archaeology annual conferences in 2021.

My dissertation (2019) may be downloaded at ResearchGate.

Catlin, K and D Bolender. 2018. Were the Vikings Really Green? Environmental Degradation and Social Inequality in Iceland’s Second Nature Landscape. Archaeological Papers of the AAA 29(1): 120-133. Uneven Terrain: Archaeologies of Political Ecology, J Millhauser, C Morehart, and S Juarez, eds.

Catlin, K. 2016. Archaeology for the Anthropocene: Scale, Soil, and the Settlement of Iceland. Anthropocene 15:13-21.

Catlin, K. 2016. Re-Examining Medieval Settlement in the Dartmoor Landscape. Medieval Settlement Research 31:36-45

Lived Experience in the Later Middle Ages (M Johnson, ed, 2016) may be downloaded in its entirety here.

Many of the reports listed on my CV may be downloaded from the Fiske Center.