The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women

By Brenna Hassett, Suzanne Pilaar Birch, Rebecca Wragg Sykes, and Tori Herridge

Stories of pioneering women in the “digging” sciences have been skewed toward those who were White, wealthy, and networked. The TrowelBlazers project aims to reset our imagination—and our future.

For Women’s History Month, it has become traditional to rifle through the great names of the past, pluck out a few that strike the imagination and have the appropriate gender marker, and dust them off for a new audience. We should know—we run the TrowelBlazers project, a largely community-sourced archive of biographies of women in the “digging” sciences: archaeology, geology, and palaeontology.



Going Postal A psychoanalytic reading of social media and the death drive

This book review is a mostly not wrong discussion of why I have moved my tweetlike posting off facebook to a privately hosted wordpress instance – to serve a “scripturient” addiction to writing and sharing without also feeding the rapacious machine, which transforms the desire for connection into a death wish. I don’t think he has it exactly right, but he’s definitely onto something, and more nuanced than most anti-social-media thinkpieces. Perhaps someday I will read the book!

Nature: Postdocs in Crisis

Nature: Postdocs in Crisis

The pandemic has worsened the plight of postdoctoral researchers. Funders need to be offering more than moral support.

I am posting this because I am a post-doc right now, but this is also a major and worsening problem for graduate students and other contingent scholars.